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Darrell Jones, MSM

Professional Mediator

Expert Advisor 


For nearly 30 years, Mr. Jones has counseled individuals and mediated between adults and children in extremely difficult and sensitive situations. Many of these individuals were unwilling to resolve conflicts and they were in very fragile and emotional states at the time of the conflicts. These circumstances made peaceful conflict resolution extremely difficult. However, Mr. Jones successfully counselled hundreds of individuals and obtained peaceful resolutions in hundreds of difficult situations. Mr. Jones has received numerous awards over his career for the quality of his work. 


Mr. Jones has recently retired after 21 years of service as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer and an Education Specialist for the U.S. Department of Justice. Therefore, he has twenty-one years of experience in education, correctional duties, and hostage negotiations involving vulnerable individuals. Prior to this, Mr. Jones worked as a teacher for the Fort Bend Independent School District and as a Detention Officer Floor Supervisor for the Harris County Juvenile Detention Center. These jobs required Mr. Jones to resolve conflicts between high school children in a school setting and between juveniles and juveniles and officers in a detention center. Therefore, upon retirement, it was only natural for Mr. Jones to pursue a career in mediation, and he obtained his basic mediation certification in February 2020. Mr. Jones is also a member of the Texas Association of Mediators (TAM).


For about 30 years, Mr. Jones has resolved hundreds of conflicts and disputes in highly emotional and sensitive situations. Therefore, Mr. Jones is confident that he can successfully mediate and resolve any conflict in a mutually beneficial, respectful, and peaceful manner. 

Mr. Jones is also available to provide expert advice in cases involving:

  • Security standards, systems, and operations;

  • The federal law enforcement system; and,

  • The federal criminal justice system.


Mr. Jones has worked and trained as a federal law enforcement officer for decades and, therefore, he can advise on and provide expert opinion in relation to these matters. 


Work Experience


02/2020 - Present         Jones Mediation Services

Position: Professional Mediator, Expert Witness

2/2004 - 12/2019         U.S. Department of Justice

Position: Federal Law Enforcement Officer/Education Program Specialist


12/1999-12/2004         U.S. Department of Justice

Position: Federal Law Enforcement Officer, Education Specialist/Vocational Training Coordinator


8/1998-12/1999           U.S. Department of Justice

Position: Correctional Officer

8/1995-5/1998            Fort Bend Independent School District

Position: Criminal Justice Teacher


6/1992-5/1998             Harris County Juvenile Detention Center

Position: Detention Officer Floor Supervisor

Relevant Awards:


Numerous Time-Off Awards 

Numerous Cash Awards 

Special Act Award

Letter of Commendation

Superior Sustainment Performance Award

2002 Correctional Worker of the Year                                    

Several Extra Mile Awards

Numerous Quality Step Increase                                                                

2001 Leadership Award         

1999 Rookie of the Year


Relevant Education/Trainings:


Bachelor of Science in Public Administration (1994)

Master of Security Management for Executives (2018)

Basic Mediation Certificate (2020)  

Texas Association of Mediators (TAM)

Physical and Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure Training – FEMA (2019)

Firearms, All Weapons, Annual Certification 

Affirmative Action, Annual Training

Information Security Awareness, Annual Training 

Weapons of Mass Destruction, Annual Training

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation/Automatic External Defibrillator (CPR/AED) Certification (2019)

Disturbance Control Team Training, Annual Training 

Spanish Immersion (11/2009)

Hostage Negotiation Training (09/2005 to 11/2006)

Strategic Planning (2001)

Leadership Training (2001)

Teacher Development Training (2000)

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